Powder Coating

The powder coating process is the most durable finish for metal substrates. Powder coating provides the best outstanding protective finish that withstands exposure to the elements of weather, chemicals and a variety of abuse. Plus, there is a wide variety of choices:  COLOR, TEXTURES, SHEENS.

To ensure the finish looks as nice as possible, we start you product on our conveyor belt with a five-stage pretreatment system. Next, your product is painted and placed in an oven where the powder is baked.  Once completed, your product has a durable finish with a reduced risk of chipping or fading.

Here at Precision Metal Forming, LLC we apply the highest quality powders with a long-lasting finish provided by top powder manufacturers in the industry.  We do a variety of tests to insure our consistent quality.


Custom Fabrication


From Sketch to Product:

All we need to start working on your project is a drawing or other graphical representation that shows what idea you have in mind.  Once you describe your project’s form and function to our experts, we will begin working on a professional design and prototype for you to approve.

We can even help you pick the best materials and powder coat finish for your product.

Effective Planning:

Effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project.  Before starting on your product, our team experts first assesses our goals to ensure we completely understand your design.  Then we provide you with an estimate and timeline for completion.  From beginning to end, you are involved every step of the way.

We bring your ideas to reality. Contact us today to share your vision with us.




CNC 3-D Wire Forming

Custom Wire Bending For A Wide Range Of Markets And Products

Our CNC wire bending machinery delivers precise metal bending  with complete customization on every step of wire bending production, producing parts to match your specifications.

The highest level of precision control in wire bending manufacturing ensures our advanced quality systems are aligned to keep production accurate from beginning to end.

As a custom manufacturer, we believe in forming relationships before we start forming wire. Our engineering team is ready to support your requirements and applications for custom wire bending production. We are prepared to assist you today. Contact us to get started.