Precision Metal Forming OKC


CNC 3-D Wire Forming

Custom Wire Bending For A Wide Range Of Markets And Products

Our CNC wire bending machinery delivers precise metal bending  with complete customization on every step of wire bending production, producing parts to match your specifications.

Custom Fabrication


Bringing your idea to reality.  When you aren’t sure how to take your rough idea to a manufactured product, rely on Precision Metal Forming, LLC.

We can Spot Weld, Butt Weld, Mig Weld, Tig Weld–All we need to start working on your project is a drawing or other graphical representation that shows what idea you have in mind.


Every product requires a high-quality finish to be complete.

The powder coating process is the most durable finish for metal substrates.

Here at Precision Metal Forming, LLC we apply the highest quality powders with a long-lasting finish provided by top powder manufacturers in the industry. Our fluidized sand bed is a great economical method for cleaning/removal of powder coatings & can readily clean plastic extruding dies, as well.

Learn more about our Oklahoma Powder Coating services.

Powder Coating and Sand Stripping

Powder Coating Oklahoma

Professional Powder Coating Oklahoma

Precision Metal Forming provides professional powder coating throughout Oklahoma, as well as centrally in OKC. Through our specialized powder coating processes, we utilize technology that will provide the most durable finish for metal substrates.

Our powder coating services provide an outstanding protective finish that withstands exposure to the elements of weather, chemicals and a variety of abuse. Plus, there are a wide variety of choices in COLORS, TEXTURES, and SHEENS.

Precision Metal Forming Oklahoma City

Precision Metal Forming, LLC has a proven record of excellence in custom designing a wide variety of wire and metal products since 1982.

We specialize in Powder Coating and Sand Stripping, 3D CNC and Custom Fabrication Services for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Powder Coating and Sand Stripping
Custom Fabrication Services

In addition, our conveyorized powder coatings line, we can apply a long lasting powder coating finish of your choice.  We take pride in offering the best possible design, prototype, manufacturing, and powder coated finish to you. 

Precision Metal Forming is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.